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Dog found in Camlough Lake died of heart failure, says council


Horror find: Camlough Lake

Horror find: Camlough Lake

Horror find: Camlough Lake

A post-mortem on a dog tied up with Christmas ribbon found dumped in Camlough Lake has found the animal died from heart failure.

Newry, Mourne and Down District Council launched an animal cruelty probe following the discovery of the dog in December, which had been weighted down before being thrown into the lough.

A post-mortem has found there was no evidence of drowning, which showed the most likely cause of death was heart failure before or after the dog was submerged.

The council has now renewed calls for anyone with information on the incident to contact their welfare department or the PSNI.

A council spokesperson said: "Further investigation has not revealed any details of the dog owner nor the circumstances of how the dog’s body came to be in the lake."

The dog was an elderly male bichon type and was not microchipped, the council said.

The discovery of its body tied up in red Christmas ribbon, sparked widespread outrage among pet lovers.

The dog was placed inside a heavy plant pot and covered in a plastic bag before it was dumped in the water.

Its muzzle had been bound with the ribbon to prevent it from barking.

The grim find was made by an off-duty dog warden who reportedly had been fishing in the lough when they came across the animal's body.

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