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Dog 'hanging' video a training exercise - no crime committed and animal in good health, say Belfast police

Police are satisfied no crime has been committed.
Police are satisfied no crime has been committed.

Police have moved to clarify that a video apparently showing a dog being hanged in a Belfast residential area was in fact the animal being trained.

A video emerged on social media over the weekend appearing to show a dog struggling to breathe as it hung from a play frame.

Police, in a Facebook post said they had viewed the content and were determined to find out who had committed "this horrible crime".

Residents in the New Lodge area of Belfast said the scene was a common occurrence of one man training his dogs.

After investigation on Monday, police said they were satisfied no crime had been committed. They visited the owner and confirmed the animal was in good health.

Chief Inspector Kelly Moore said: “After extensive enquiries following a post on social media about suspected abuse of a dog, Police located the dog owner. We have visited the dog owner this morning along with colleagues from Animal Welfare in Belfast City Council.

“I can confirm after the visit that the dog is in good health and no abuse had taken place. Rather the dog was being trained and was playing with a toy. We are satisfied that no crime has taken place and that the animal is well looked after.”

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