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Dog on Belfast's Westlink disrupts rush hour traffic

By Sue Doherty

A small dog, possibly a Pomeranian, was running loose on the Westlink, causing disruption to motorists during the morning rush hour on Monday.

The dog was in among the traffic at the Broadway junction, at around 9.20am on Monday, a witness told the Belfast Telegraph.

"Traffic was moving fast, most cars seemed to be travelling at about 70mph," the commuter said. "The dog was in the middle of the road so people were slamming on their brakes to avoid it.

"The last thing I saw was the dog going on to the central reservation."

According to the witness, the digital traffic alert signs on the Westlink were advising motorists to drive with care, that there was an animal on the road.

A PSNI spokesperson said that the wandering dog and the motorists all had lucky escapes.

"Many drivers swerved and some stopped suddenly when they saw the dog, but there were no crashes or collisions and the dog was rescued, unharmed by his adventure."

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