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Dog owner’s in Comber warned to scoop the poop

By Michael Bashford

Dog owners are being reminded that it’s not enough just to ‘scoop the poop’, but that it needs to be binned too!

The reminder comes after a recent spate of incidents in Comber when dog walkers were cleaning up after their pets, but then throwing the poop-filled bags into bushes.

“In the Moorfield area of Comber, dog fouling was certainly being cleaned by dog owners, but in a secluded spot along the pathway on the Comber Road, people were then simply throwing bags into bushes,” said Richard Brittain, borough inspector with Ards Borough Council.

“Ultimately the message is that if you’re responsible enough to clear up the mess, then you ought to dispose of the bag properly. And you don’t have to use a ‘poop bin’. Any litter bin is suitable. And if there isn’t one close to where you are, then please take the bag home and dispose of it properly there”.

The council has been putting stickers on litter bins alerting dog walkers to the fact that they can be used to dispose of dog foul and is still offering poop scoops free of charge to residents.

Anyone who would like further information about dog control issues or who would like free ‘poop scoops’, should contact the borough inspector’s office at Ards Borough Council on 028 9182 4005.

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