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Dog reunited with owner after being stranded by rising tide

By Nevin Farrell

A dog became stranded when an island on Strangford Lough was cut off by rising tides - but this 'tail' has a happy ending.

Theo is 13 years old - 91 in 'dog years' - and owner John Henry said he can't swim.

Theo was separated from Mr Henry (38) at Island Hill near Comber after a causeway was covered in water.

The Portaferry lifeboat was called out and plucked Theo to safety and brought him back to shore on Sunday.

Mr Henry, from Newtownards, said last night: "Theo went out the wrong way and did not come back when the floods started to come in.

"We head up there nearly every weekend, either there or Scrabo.

"He ran out there - he has a part of that beach he likes for digging stones. He is 13 but can't swim.

"The lifeboat came over and got me and we got Theo off the island.

"He is fine, lying here in front of the fire and had been out the back barking at the wind earlier."

Caroline Kernaghan of Belfast Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: "A member of the public, a girl from North Down Lost and Found Pets, got in touch with us about 11.55am.

"She could see a dog in distress at Island Hill and was concerned that perhaps the owner had fallen and she was concerned for the person and the dog.

"But the owner was safe and it was just the dog which was stranded. The lifeboat crew was happy to take the dog to safety."

Andrea Meeke, of Lost & Found Pets North Down, said: "We had a call from our groomer who was walking her dog. She said there was a dog in distress.

"The coastguard came and the guys got off on to the island. The dog was showing its teeth and they then came and got the owner to help coax it onto the lifeboat, and then brought the dog back to shore."

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