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Dogs in street know the supplier of killer pills: grieving mother

By Brett Campbell

The heartbroken mum of a west Belfast man who died in a spate of drug deaths has said: "I know who killed my son."

Christopher Lavery (26) was found dead in his grandmother's Riverdale Park North home last Monday morning after buying pills from a man on Belfast's Dublin Road.

The incident was one of five suspected drug-related deaths in the city last weekend.

Mr Lavery's devastated mother Patricia Browne has claimed that police know who is peddling the tablets which killed her son but have not done anything about it.

"The dogs on the street know who is killing our children, selling them these tablets. Why won't the cops arrest them, why aren't they doing anything?" she told the Andersonstown News.

"The last two phone calls on Christopher's phone are to the man he met on the Dublin Road who supplied him with the tablets. We know who he is, as do the police."

Christopher's last contact with his mum was at 1.30am. He had gone to stay with his gran to keep an eye on her and had texted to say that he had lifted her back into bed after she had fallen out.

At around 2am he called a taxi to take him to the Dublin Road to buy the pills - an exchange that lasted no longer than five minutes - before returning to the house.

Later that morning his father found him dead on his gran's sofa.

The taxi driver, who Patricia says holds vital information, has reached out to her following the tragedy. "He told me he is waiting for the police to come and see him, but as yet they haven't been in touch," she added.

Patricia knew her son struggled with addiction but believed that he had reached a turning point over the past six months.

She said that despite his problems, he had a "heart of gold" and was "taking care of himself".

Patricia, who lives in Lagmore, has been left distraught by the ordeal but hopes that by speaking out she can prevent anyone else from having to endure the same pain.

"He left my house and his last words were: 'Later, Ma'. He came home in a coffin."

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