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Domestic abuse: 110 cases a day in Northern Ireland... but that's just tip of iceberg

By Deborah McAleese

Police are responding to a domestic abuse incident every 19 minutes, shocking new figures reveal.

More than 40,000 domestic abuse incidents and crimes were reported to the PSNI over the past year - amounting to over 110 a day, police statistics show.

It has been warned however that this is just the tip of the iceberg with hundreds of victims suffering in silence.

Today the Belfast Telegraph launches a special week-long series to raise awareness of domestic abuse across Northern Ireland.

We will look at the help available for victims who want to end their silence and stop the abuse.

The series will also examine the work being carried out by the PSNI, the judiciary, Probation Services, government departments and the charity Women's Aid to tackle this.

"Don't suffer in silence. You'll be surprised at how strong you can be. If I can get through this then any woman can," said brave mother-of-four Terri-Louise Graham whose ex-partner Greg Deyzel Logue was jailed earlier this year for a series of violent attacks on her.

Logue almost beat Terri-Louise to death in 2011, but after three years of violence she finally escaped and is now rebuilding her life. "Don't leave it as long as me. Seek help now. My time with him was the lowest point of my life, but I have come out of it," the Derry woman said.

Annie Campbell, director of Women's Aid Northern Ireland, said: "So much domestic abuse goes unreported. We want to see the number of reported incidents increase as that will mean that more victims are coming forward."

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