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Domestic violence: One in five suffer, and the problem is growing


Domestic violence is a very common problem in Northern Ireland – but one that is rarely discussed.

That's according to Eleanor Jordan of the Windsor Women's Centre, speaking after new research revealed one in five adults (19%) has experienced abuse at some time in their lives.

And she said domestic violence has become a much bigger problem over the last 15 years.

"I ask people to think of a trauma in their own lives and then realise how that makes them feel and that will give a slight indicator of how relentless domestic violence is," she said.

"It can go on for years and people find it very hard to speak out. We try to provide a safe space for women to discuss abuse.

"However, there are also amazing women who have survived and made new lives for themselves and their children.

"That takes courage, resilience and these women are role models."

Founder and chair of the House of Hope in Dromore, Gail Redmond, said there was no particular profile for those affected.

"It isn't just men who abuse women – women do abuse men – but also there is the abuse where children abuse parents," she said."

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