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Domestic violence stats shock

A Laganbank councillor has called for “urgent action” after the latest Criminal Justice Inspectorate report showed that an incident of domestic violence is reported every 21 minutes in Northern Ireland.

Councillor Deirdre Hargey said: "These statistics again expose the hidden level of domestic violence but they only take account of the incidents that are reported.

“The question this raises is, how many people are suffering this violence in silence?

“Urgent action is required to impress upon everyone that this violence is not a family dispute that should be kept private — it is a crime and must be treated with the seriousness it deserves,” she added.

"Up to 1 in 4 women and 11,000 children in the North of Ireland experience domestic violence.

“Much more needs to be done to encourage victims to come forward and take prosecutions. We need to assure women that the protection and support needed is available to them if they come forward to seek help.”

Cllr Hargey added: "There are also deep societal problems that need to be challenged and tackled in order to ensure that violence in the home is seen for the crime that it is, and that it is |unacceptable.”

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