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Donald Trump praises Northern Ireland star Roma Downey's 'beautiful voice of an angel' at National Prayer Breakfast in Washington

By Claire Williamson

Donald Trump has paid tribute to Northern Ireland producer Roma Downey at the high-profile National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

The annual event brings together faith leaders, politicians and dignitatires.

Every US president since Dwight Eisenhower has addressed the event.

President Trump was introduced to give his speech on Thursday by Roma Downey's TV producer husband Mark Burnett.

The Derry actress and her husband produced the American Apprentice of which Trump was the face of, which apart from his business success is a key part of his fame.

As Mr Trump thanked Mark for his introduction he paid tribute to Roma - who is Northern Ireland's second richest woman.

He said: "I also want to thank my great friends the Roma. Where's Roma, beautiful Roma Downey, the voice of an angel.

"She's got the voice -- every time I hear that voice; it's so beautiful.

"That -- everything is so beautiful about Roma, including her husband because he's a special, special friend. Mark Burnett for the wonderful introduction."

Also at the event Donald Trump took a swipe at Arnold Schwarzeneggerwho has taken over as the host of The Apprentice.

He asked those in attendance to say a prayer for him - as Mr Trump has mocked his ratings since his departure.

“We had tremendous success with The Apprentice. When I ran for president I had to leave the show.

“They hired a big, big movie star to take my place, and we know how that turned out. The ratings are right through the tubes. It’s been a total disaster, so maybe we should pray for Arnold - for his ratings.”

On Thursday the movie star spoke back and said they should switch jobs.

He said: “Hi Donald, I have a great idea - why don’t we swap jobs,” he said in a video message. “You take over TV because you’re such an expert on ratings, and I take over your job so that people can finally sleep comfortably.”

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