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Donegal would be better off in UK, claims unionist peer Kilclooney

A senior unionist politician has said Donegal would be better off being part of the UK as it has been "forgotten" by the Irish Government.

John Taylor, known as Lord Kilclooney, spoke on Ocean FM on Tuesday morning and said the county would benefit from becoming part of Northern Ireland due to grants from the UK.

Unionist peer Kilclooney says small majority vote for united Ireland would cause civil war

Describing it as a "beautiful county" the former UUP deputy leader claimed "many of people in Donegal have moved back into the UK in the north west or into Glasgow".

"I think Dublin ignores Donegal. It really is the hinterland of northern Ireland and it would be great to have it back in with us," he said.

When asked if he thought Donegal would be better off in the UK he said: "I'm certain it would because it would benefit from the Block Grant from London that we already enjoy in Northern Ireland. £10bn a year we get."

Lord Kilclooney, a key negotiator in the Good Friday Agreement, is no longer a member of the UUP after resigning from the party.

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