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Don't say what you're thinking out loud: Ex-DUP Spad tells Taoiseach Varadkar over Brexit outburst

By Jonathan Bell

Former DUP Spad Richard Bullick has advised new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar not to say what he thinks out loud.

It comes after Mr Varadkar - following reports Dublin had toughed its stance in the Brexit negotiations - told "Brexiteers" he would not help draw up a solution to the question over the border between the Republic and the UK after Brexit.

Quoting the Irish Times which described the remarks as an "extraordinary outburst", Mr Bullick told RTE, "I think they said it best."

"Traditionally past taoisigh have dealt with such issues with a element of moderation and responsibility and have tended to keep their private views private," he added.

"I think it may be an issue of someone relatively new in office saying what he thinks out loud which is never the most advisable stance in politics."

Responding Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond rejected the criticism saying Mr Varadkar was an experiences politician having served in the Irish cabinet for the past six years.

He said any hard border in Ireland would be a "step backward" in progress made since 1998.

He told the DUP to "stop whinging" about the Irish Government's post-Brexit border stance and instead focus on re-establishing the Northern Ireland Executive and Brexit discussions.

Mr Bullick was intensively involved in a number of crucial negotiations during the past 15 years before quitting the DUP earlier this year.

He was said to have helped manage the transition of the DUP over recent years and the expansion of its support base before taking up his new position as head of public affairs with MCE Public Relations.

Mr Varadkar is set for Belfast later this week for a two-day visit.

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