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Don't scrap your paper licences, Northern Ireland drivers are urged

By Claire McNeilly

Drivers in Northern Ireland have been warned they must not scrap the paper driving licence counterpart.

The documents were abolished at midnight on Sunday and now have no legal status in Britain or abroad.

However, these changes do not apply in Northern Ireland and motorists here should not tear up the counterpart.

"While GB has abolished the paper counterpart, it still very much applies in Northern Ireland, as this is a devolved matter," a Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) spokesman said.

"We therefore are advising drivers here not to throw away the paper counterpart to their driving licence.

"For driving licences issued by the DVA in Northern Ireland, the paper counterpart remains a valid and legal part of the Northern Ireland driving licence and should be retained by licence holders."

Motoring groups fear many people are still confused over the issue concerning paper counterparts, which show drivers' records and any offences.

On its website, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) tells motorists to "destroy" the papers from June 8, as they are no longer needed.

The AA warned that some overseas car hire companies will refuse rentals unless they see a copy of the information on the paper counterpart.

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