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Downright disrespectful behaviour by old dog

By Frances Burscough

L'Wren Scott: remember her? Of course you do. She was the long-standing and (some say) long-suffering girlfriend of Mick Jagger, who tragically took her own life a few weeks ago.

Her death, at 49, made global headlines for days afterwards – and all eyes zoomed in on Mick to see how he would cope. Paparazzi pictures appeared in the tabloids showing Mick's face immediately after he'd heard the news and then later at the time of the funeral where he was described as "devastated and distraught".

Meanwhile, even serious newspapers and TV shows delved into the fashion designer's life and their relationship in minute detail. They attempted to analyse why she had taken her life and speculated on how her demise might affect Jagger, the Stones and their current world tour. Would the band even go back on the road? Could Sir Mick manage to perform after such a catastrophe?

If you hadn't heard of L'Wren Scott while she was alive, you sure will have after her death. But the reason I ask if you can recall her is because Mick himself appears to be managing to put her to the back of his mind. Either that, or he's controlling his grief with a coping method involving a nubile young woman just a fraction of his age. Far from being racked with anguish, unable to come to terms with the loss, he's just been pictured looking like the cat who'd got the cream, hanging out with a "mystery brunette" on his hotel balcony.

So much for being devastated. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but going back to his old tricks so soon is just downright disrespectful and a horrible example to his family and his fans.

I personally hope she sells the story to the highest bidder so we can all read about just how pitiful he really is.

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