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'Drama queen' drunk convicted after demanding his own arrest at Belfast police station

A "drama queen" drunkenly entered a Belfast police station and demanded his own arrest, a court heard today.

Patrick Brady was given a one-month suspended prison sentence for his abusive outburst at officers.

A judge at Belfast Magistrates' Court branded him a public nuisance and warned that any repeat would see him sent straight to jail.

Brady, 26, of Granville Place in the city, pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour.

He had been in a taxi on September 2 when a dispute occurred over where he wanted to go.

A prosecution lawyer said he got out at Grosvenor Road PSNI station and started shouting, swearing and squaring up to police.

Despite being warned about his behaviour he insisted: "F****** arrest me."

Friends tried to get him to go home, with one assuring an officer that Brady was a "drama queen", the court heard.

A defence lawyer said his drunken behaviour was due to "a sense of injustice" over the incident in the taxi.

But District Judge Amanda Henderson pointed out it was Brady's sixth time before the courts for disorderly behaviour.

"Copious amounts of alcohol turns him into a public nuisance," she said.

Imposing a one-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, Judge Henderson warned: "If he continues along this road he will be going into immediate custody."

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