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Draught master Philip hopes to pull a winner in Argentina

DONAGHADEE barman Philip Messom put in a ‘Stella-performance’ to ensure he is the first ever representative for Ireland in next month’s Stella Artois World Draught Master competition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Philip, who works at Pier 36, has seen off competition from at ‘yeast’ 13 other competitors to be crowned all-Ireland Stella Artois Draught Master.

However, the unsuccessful contestants will hope that their own pints will cure their ‘ale’-ments.

The newly crowned all-Ireland Draught Master only needed a one word answer when asked how excited he is about the world finals — “Very!”

He went on to say: “I can’t wait for the finals; it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I don’t know if I’m ever going to get the chance to visit that part of the world again so I’m taking a full week out over there to relax and enjoy it as much as I can.

“Saying that though, you don’t get this far in a competition just to be happy to go home empty handed — I’m going to do my best to win it.”

The competition celebrates the ritual of pouring the perfect pint of Stella Artois. It is the final stage in a Masterclass programme led by international Master Beer Sommelier, Marc Stroobandt.

The pouring of the perfect pint of Stella Artois is a serious business. In the high-pressure Dublin final, contestants were expected to demonstrate not only their technique and skills in pouring a pair of perfect pints, but also displaying the all-important charisma, presentation and outgoing personality required to earn the title of Stella Artois Draught Master.

It is thought that there was ‘barley’ anything between Philip and the other competitors, but he can expect much ‘lager’ competition at the World final in Argentina. However, Mr Messom will hope that ‘ales’ well that ends well in the end.

Niki MacCorquodale, Stella Artois Brand Manager said: “This is the first year Ireland has participated in this competition and we are delighted that Philip is our first ever Irish Draught |Master.

“He has won widespread industry recognition, a cash prize and the opportunity to represent Pier 36, and Ireland’s pub industry, in a World final in Argentina. We wish him every success.”

Philip will be hoping for cheers when he completes his quest to become Stella Artois World Draught Master in Buenos Aires on October 26.

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