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Drink 'a factor in 44% of arrests'

Alcohol was a factor in 44% of all the arrests made by police in a single year, the Assembly has heard.

Justice Minister David Ford also told MLAs that alcohol-related crime costs the police, courts and prisons nearly £400 million each year.

The figures came in response to Assembly questions on the issue and follow proposals to set a minimum price per unit of alcohol in Northern Ireland.

Mr Ford said: "As I understand it, the proposals for minimum unit pricing concentrate on the health consequences.

"In my response to the recent public consultation on this issue I did, however, recognise that there are potential criminal justice benefits to removing cheap alcoholic drinks, as police analysis of crimes during 2010 suggested alcohol was a contributory factor for 44% of all those arrested."

He added: "It is important to note, however, that while the introduction of minimum pricing should indeed make a valuable contribution in reducing damage to health in individuals and communities, the proposal on its own will not solve the alcohol misuse problem."

Mr Ford said: "Similarly in the report last year, the report for the cost of alcohol related crime to the Department of Justice - that is to policing, to prisons, and to courts services - was £382 million for the year.

"I am always suspicious of something which purports to be quite so precise a figure, but it is clear that it is an extremely substantial figure."

South Down DUP representative Jim Wells said of the minister's comments: "That is an extraordinary revelation that the minister has just given to us. That for 44% of those who are arrested, alcohol is a factor.

"I think that is the first time that has ever been in the public domain, and I thank him for it."


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