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Drink-drive figures 'disappointing'

Some drivers stopped on the roads last winter were so drunk they could barely stand up, police in Northern Ireland have said.

One person caught during a crackdown on boozing motorists was more than four times the legal limit, according to force figures.

A total of 258 people were caught drink-driving last last Christmas and the PSNI has warned it will be conducting more operations this Christmas.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd said: "This figure was particularly disappointing, but considering that some of these people were so drunk, they could barely stand up, it just beggars belief that some people still insist on attempting to drive after drinking."

This year, police intend to coordinate road safety operations across border counties with gardai.

A total of 18 of the 73 people killed on roads across Northern Ireland this year have died in collisions in the wider Newry area.

Mr Todd said the consequences of drink-driving could be catastrophic.

"People don't accidentally have a beer or glass of wine, they make a conscious decision," he said.

"It only takes one drink to impair your decision making ability.

"The only right decision is to leave the car or motorbike at home if you're drinking."

From the end of November last year to January 2, police recorded 258 detections, down slightly from the previous year.

The youngest person detected was aged 15 and the oldest 78.

More than three times as many men as women were caught.