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Drink-drive war is being won

The Northern Ireland Drink Driving Reconviction Analysis shows that “we are, slowly but surely, winning the battle against drink driving,” says Castlereagh councillor Michael Copeland.

“Every step in reducing the number of drink driving offences and re-convictions is a victory, and one which benefits every single member of the Castlereagh community, and people across Northern Ireland,” he adds.

“This report reveals that of offenders who had completed a course for drink driving |offenders, 7.0% were reconvicted of a subsequent drink drive offence compared to 11.4% who did not complete a course.”

The UUP councillor said: “While there is clearly still a mountain to climb, it is good to see that such initiatives are, to a |degree, succeeding.”

He urged people not to drink drive, adding: “The least worrying consequence, which in itself should be ample deterrent, is a conviction, but the worst case scenario is injury or death for you or a fellow road user.”

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