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Drink-driver's crash through garden could have killed, says MLA

By Staff Reporter

A DUP MLA has said it was lucky no one died after a car, which police said was driven by a drunk driver, ploughed through the garden of a Co Down home.

In the early hours of Saturday the car went through the main Dollingstown roundabout and through a garden on the edge of the busy junction.

Police said a breath test found the woman driver was three times over the limit. "When will people learn?" a PSNI spokesperson wrote in a Facebook post.

"By sheer fortune we're not talking about a fatality.

"If a dog walker or even child had been there they wouldn't have stood a chance.

"If convicted she'll lose her license. She can be thankful it's not a death by dangerous driving charge.

"You see things like this, yet some people wonder why it's so infuriating that people advertise the location of checkpoints."

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart called the incident "absolutely shocking".

"We could have been dealing with a death in our wee village.

"This is an extremely busy road and footpath, with lots of pedestrians using it to walk to the shop or walk their dogs. Very scary for the home owners also.

"No excuse for drink-driving."

Meanwhile, two police officers were injured at the weekend after their car was rammed as they responded to an emergency call.

The incident happened at Flough Road in Banbridge on Saturday evening as the officers were reacting to what they described as a "civil dispute".

Writing on the PSNI Down's Facebook page, a police said: "The initial call appeared to be a civil dispute - however tensions were rising and a vehicle had been blocked in by another.

"As our guys arrived to sort the situation, a vehicle drove straight at them.

"Despite their injuries, the two officers were able to apprehend the driver of the car that had hit their vehicle.

"Thankfully, our guys were in good enough shape to restrain and arrest the driver for dangerous driving and resisting arrest.

"As anyone who's been in a crash knows, though, the pain will start this morning."

The social media post slammed the perpetrator, highlighting how police capability in the area had been hit by the incident.

"Last night you, the community, lost one of your police crews off the ground due to this driver's actions. It may have been an attack on us, but it's everyone who suffers."

Ulster Unionist councillor Glenn Barr condemned the incident, saying it "took two police officers away from the vital work of protecting our community".

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