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Driver caught doing 145mph in one of the worst cases of speeding ever seen on Northern Ireland's roads

By Adrian Rutherford

A driver was clocked doing 145mph in one of the worst cases of speeding ever seen on Northern Ireland's roads.

The incident took place earlier this year in the Ballymena area.

The culprit was among a series of individuals caught travelling at more than 100mph by the PSNI's road policing unit.

Officers have posted a series of images in recent weeks on the unit's Twitter feed highlighting the most extreme examples of speeding.

The highest reading, 145mph, was posted on May 4 this year.

Another motorist was clocked at 115mph, a third was travelling at 103mph.

Speed is one of the main causes of accidents on Northern Ireland's roads. PSNI statistics show it was the principal factor in 282 injury-causing collisions during the 2014 calendar year.

Speed was responsible for 88 accidents where someone was killed or seriously injured, second only to lack of attention.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Todd said it was important that the anti-speed message got through to motorists.

"So far this year 37 people have been killed in road traffic collisions in Northern Ireland," he said.

"This is not simply a statistic.

"Behind each fatality are families, friends and communities who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

"Considering that many, if not the majority, of these deaths could have been avoided, it's an appalling waste of life. Inattention, speeding, or more accurately, excessive speed for the conditions and drink or drug-driving are consistently the principal causes of the most serious road traffic collisions in which people are killed or seriously injured."

In June the PSNI announced that officers would be focusing on road safety over the summer months.

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