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Driver fined £250 for drenching pedestrians

A driver who was seen swerving into a puddle of water to try and splash pedestrians has been fined £250 and given five penalty points.

Derry Magistrates Court was told that police observed Christopher Gillen (31) driving on the Strand Road on June 16 when he suddenly swerved into a puddle in an attempt to soak pedestrians, including three youths and an elderly man.

Police approached Gillen's car and saw him and his friends laughing.

There were two young children in the back of the car.

Gillen, of Balbane Pass, Londonderry, told police that he knew the three youths.

However, when the youths approached police they told them they did not know Gillen or anyone else in the car.

Gillen was charged with careless driving.

Defence solicitor Paddy MacDermott told the court that it was a very wet day and anyone driving on the Strand Road could have soaked pedestrians.

The solicitor said that it was a joke that went too far.

Gillen was fined £250 and given five penalty points.

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