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Driver gets that sinking feeling

By Staff Reporter

Someone's seriously going to regret leaving their car on Portstewart Strand.

Pictures were shared on Twitter yesterday morning of a silver Ford Mondeo on the scenic north coast beach.

The images showed the Northern Ireland-registered car with its nose buried in the soft sand and seawater rising to its front doors as the tide came in and the swell grew in the stormy weather.

BBC weatherman Barra Best retweeted the photos, saying: "Anyone own a car parked on Portstewart Strand? It's been stolen by sand and sea."

It's not clear who the owner is and whether they drove onto the sand by mistake or parked there and were marooned.

It's also not clear whether the car was 'rescued' or simply left to its fate until the waters receded with the next tide.

One thing's for sure - there is a red-faced driver somewhere who'll have a big cleaning bill.

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