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Driver 'lucky' to be unharmed after plank of wood smashes through windscreen

A motorist has had a lucky escape after a large plank of wood penetrated his windscreen during a road accident in Lisburn, police said.

The white van was involved in a collision on Rock Road in the town.

There were no serious injuries in the accident, but the PSNI said that the driver of one of the vehicles "was very lucky to have walked away unscathed".

A photograph of the white van, which was posted on PSNI Castlereagh's Facebook page, shows two large pieces of timber penetrating the vehicle.

One had smashed through the windscreen at the driver side and the other had gone through the bonnet.

Police and ambulance crews were called to the scene.

The PSNI said they wanted "to remind all road users of the need to drive with due care and attention at all times".


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