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Driver pulled over by police while live on air with Frank Mitchell

Frank Mitchell
Frank Mitchell

A caller was pulled over by police while live on air with U105's Frank Mitchell on Thursday.

The caller, David, was discussing childcare with the popular radio host when the broadcast was interrupted by the sound of police sirens.

The show lost contact with the caller and Mr Mitchell said it sounded like the caller "had been arrested".

David later phoned back into the show and explained what had happened.

"I had my phone on the speaker and I was trying to get it pulled over and put it on to my speaker stand and the police pulled me over," he said.

"They were very nice and they were very impressed that they were on the Frank Mitchell show."

Mr Mitchell asked if the police enquired about him using his phone hands free.

"He could see that I was stationary, I was trying to get pulled over so that I could speak to you properly. I told him I was speaking about childcare, and he was a young police man who told me 'oh god I know all about it, myself'," David said.

"I think that helped my case."

Mr Mitchell said the incident was a reminder to "never, ever" take part in the programme unless the phone was properly in the hands free holder or the caller was parked up.

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