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Driver who narrowly missed mowing down young family urged to hand himself in

By David Young

A shocked politician has called on a driver who almost killed a young family to hand himself in to police.

CCTV footage showed Bangor woman Katie Jennings and her daughters Rhiannan (8) and Robyn (6) inches from death when the driver ran a red light at a pedestrian crossing on the town's Main Street.

The Deputy Mayor of Ards and North Down, Carl McClean, who also represents Bangor Central, said: "I've just seen the video and it's shocking. I hope the driver is identified soon - he should hand himself in."

"Driving like that in a built-up area is callous and contemptible. Anyone who knows who this person is should contact the police immediately," the UUP councillor told the Belfast Telegraph last night.

A leading UK road safety expert also condemned the dangerous and reckless driving that so nearly claimed three lives. Kevin Clinton, the head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "This was a dreadful piece of driving, which could have seriously injured, or worse, a mother and her children.

"It's vital that drivers pay attention to what's happening, especially in busy, urban environments, and are ready and able to stop safely if lights change to allow pedestrians to cross the road."

Mum Katie said she thought the male driver had children in his car at the time of the near-miss.

And Davy Jackson, from the Road Safety Council for Northern Ireland, issued a warning about what he called "distracted driving".

"There are so many opportunities for drivers to be distracted while they're at the wheel," Mr Jackson said.

"Modern cars are of full of potentially lethal distractions. It's not just mobile phones - there is music, eating, drinking, passengers, children, pets... men have even been spotted shaving behind the wheel. There is madness going on out there."

Police have not yet been able to identify the driver because the CCTV footage is of too poor a quality to be able to read the car's number plate.

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