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Drivers are the winners in latest price war at pumps

By Linda Stewart

Motorists are quids in as a pump price war and a slump in the price of oil has seen fuel costs drop dramatically.

Drivers hope there are even further savings around the corner as the Government is urging fuel producers to pass on cheaper crude oil prices to consumers.

Fuel prices in Northern Ireland have dropped by 14% since they hit their peak in April 2012, according to the Consumer Council.

The average price for petrol this week was 123.7 per litre for petrol and 127.5 for diesel.

The cheapest petrol was 119.9 and the dearest was 129.9, while the best bargain for diesel was 124.7 and the worst was 136.9.

Consumer Council head of transport Scott Kennerley welcomed the fall in fuel prices but called on Government to review its fuel duty policy.

It came after Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander called on fuel companies and distributors to do all they could to cut prices at the pumps after oil tumbled to around $83 a barrel.

He warned that when crude oil price goes down, fuel prices should "fall like a stone, not a feather".

The main supermarkets have launched a pump price war, with rivals Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons all slashing their petrol prices by 1p a litre.

Drivers will be hoping the price war continues.

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