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Drivers caught with stash of drugs after being stopped for no insurance

A regular stop on an uninsured car has led to police in Co Armagh seizing a drug stash worth thousands.

The incident happened over the weekend in the Craigavon area.

Writing on the PSNI's Facebook page a police spokesman wondered why, if someone was trying to avoid detection, they would be driving without insurance.

"I mean it's not like an official state secret that we do check cars as we're driving along and stop them if they aren't insured...?" he wrote.

"I've never dealt drugs, I genuinely don't know how the thought process goes, but I imagine if I ever fancy the Escobar gig that I'd make sure I didn't come under notice for something so easily avoidable as no insurance."

The discovery of the drug stash in the car led to a follow-up search at a property, with officers uncovering thousands of pounds of class A and class B drugs.

"Here's another thing, if you're looking to hide class A, the stench of the weed alongside it...well it's not exactly a Harry Potter invisibility cloak is it?" the spokesman added.

"Criminals, if you could all follow this example it would be most welcome."

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