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Driving ban for Antrim sex offender who lived in car after being burnt out of home

By Nevin Farrell

A convicted sex offender has been fined for using a car without insurance while living in it after being burnt out of his Co Antrim home.

Robert John Glass (63), is currently in Maghaberry Prison serving a 16-month sentence for sexually assaulting a young woman he knew in Cullybackey as she slept on the sofa in a mutual friend's house after a night out on Valentine's Day.

It has emerged that Glass was "living" in a car on October 29 last year, ahead of being sentenced for the crime.

Glass, who was burnt out of his Cullybackey home, was living in the vehicle which was in a car park near Ballymena.

Police spotted the blue Renault at Fenaghy Road, near Ballymena, at 4.10am and discovered he was not insured to use the vehicle. In his absence at Ballymena Magistrates Court yesterday, a solicitor for Glass, Nigel McIlrath, entered a guilty plea.

Mr McIlrath told the court Glass "was put out of his house" and had borrowed the car which belonged to his sister and brother-in-law and was "living in it".

The solicitor said Glass is due to be released from jail in the middle of June.

Glass was banned from driving for six months and fined £200 on the insurance offence.

Antrim Crown Court previously heard defence QC Neil Connor say Glass had to flee his Cullybackey home after it was set on fire by a paramilitary group.

Mr Connor also alleged Glass's seriously-ill daughter was "put out" of her Ballymena home in case she allowed her medical condition "to somehow assist" in her father's case.

The defence lawyer said the sex assault was "opportunistic" and Glass regretted what he did and was deemed to be at a low risk of reoffending.

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