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Drug addict killer Henderson barricades herself in cell during jail fracas

By Aaron Tinney

Heroin addict Margaret Henderson barricaded herself in her cell and had a furious confrontation with prison warders as she awaits sentencing tomorrow for killing a pensioner who paid her for sex.

The self-confessed drug abuser is to learn her fate after she admitted the unlawful killing of Eddie Girvan (67) at his Station Road home in Greenisland in January 2016.

She stabbed the pensioner in the chest with a knife while high on heroin and crystal meth.

On Tuesday mother-of-three Henderson (31) refused to leave her cell at Hydebank Wood.

A source said: "Margaret 'Headbutt' is living up to the nickname she gave herself in her own Facebook posts by being a really difficult prisoner.

"She refused wardens' demands to leave her cell and barricaded herself in before guards finally got control of her and the situation."

A spokesman last night said: "Northern Ireland Prison Service can confirm there was an incident at Hydebank Wood College and Women's Prison on Tuesday, June 27, involving one person, which was resolved without any injuries or damage."

Henderson has a record of 100 criminal convictions, including offences for assault during street robberies.

In one attack a man suffered a fracture to his leg.

A court heard on Monday that Henderson's life descended into a "heroin hell'" following the cot death of her infant daughter Lilly Rose.

The remarks were made by defence QC John McCrudden during a sentencing hearing at Belfast Crown Court.

The 31-year-old, formerly of a hostel in Verner Street, Belfast, pleaded guilty last month to Mr Girvan's manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

At a previous hearing prosecution counsel Charles McCreanor QC told Mr Justice Treacy that Mr Girvan and Henderson had been known to each other for years.

The prosecution counsel added: "She would come and stay with the deceased at his home and he would pay her for sexual relations."

He told the judge that at the time of the killing the defendant had an addiction to opiates and that she and another inmate were in the process of mounting a judicial review against the Prison Service to receive "appropriate care by way of opiate substitute therapy medication" not available in the jail.

He said in 2012 Henderson had been clean of drugs while pregnant with daughter Lilly Rose.

However, Mr McCrudden said six weeks after her birth the baby died as a result of a cot death which he said had a "catastrophic" effect on the life of his client and led to her spiralling into heroin addiction.

Henderson's case was adjourned until tomorrow by the judge to allow the doctor to review her criminal record and state whether or not this would change his view on the danger she posed to the public in the future.

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