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Drug addicts refused bail to seek help from nuns

Two heroin addicts who claim they broke into a car to keep warm have been denied High Court permission to live at a convent.

Eoghan McKillion (30) and Roman Palenik (28) were seeking bail to stay with the Sisters of Mercy in Armagh as part of attempts to break their drug dependency.

Both men have pleaded guilty to offences of interfering with a vehicle and attempted theft in Dungannon last month.

McKillion, of Drumcondra Road, Dublin, was further charged with assaulting one of two men who tried to restrain him at the scene.

They are due to be sentenced next month, their lawyer said.

McKillion and Palenik, a Slovakian with an address at Upper Dorset Street, Dublin, were found in the car early on November 24.

Crown counsel Nicola Auret said they claimed to have broken into the car to take shelter from the cold night.

Michael Boyd, defending, said both his clients admitted to long-term heroin dependency.

The barrister added: “The nuns who run the convent are aware of these two individuals.

“They know they have drug problems and wish to provide them with that address pending sentence.”

But Lord Justice Higgins refused bail after upholding the district judge's decision that both men should remain in custody.

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