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Drug 'bomb' killed young father-to-be

By Patrice Dougan

A young father-to-be died after downing a 'mephedrone bomb' during a weekend drink and drugs binge.

The inquest into the death of Martin Morrow (20) from Larne, in April 2010, heard how the sports enthusiast had an exceptionally high level of the drug - then a legal high - in his body.

He was Northern Ireland's fourth mephedrone-linked victim, with the amphetamine-type drug being banned just two weeks later. His girlfriend, Emma Graffin, was five months pregnant at the time.

At the Belfast inquest yesterday, coroner Brian Sherrard heard how Martin had become hooked to the drug - which was described as cheap and readily available - less than four months before his death at around Christmas 2010.

Martin had increased his drug use and was partying for days at a time in the months leading up to his death. He was rushed to hospital on April 5 last year while taking a seizure after a two-day drink and drugs binge.

Friends described how they had partied at a flat in the Seacourt area of Larne, consuming large amounts of ecstasy, cocaine, cannabis, mephedrone and alcohol throughout the weekend.

Towards the end of Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning, Martin had bought around 3 grams of mephedrone.

The white powder was split into four parcels using cigarette paper.

Known as 'mephedrone bombs', the court heard these were swallowed, as opposed to snorting the drug which was the usual method.

A short time after ingesting the parcel, Martin said he felt tired and lay down on the sofa.

At around 4am he started to go into a seizure, and had "brown foam" coming from his mouth and nose.

An ambulance was called and he was rushed to Antrim Area Hospital were staff battled to stabilise his condition.

He was taken to intensive care, but died later that day. Deputy state pathologist Dr Alistair Bentley said it was the high level of mephedrone which killed him.

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