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‘Drug feud link’ to double killing

Two families in Co Armagh, where a couple were shot dead in their home, are involved in a drugs feud, the High Court has heard.

A judge was told bad blood between them could lead to trouble if a relative of Jacqueline McGeough was released from custody to attend her funeral.

Mrs McGeough (44) was murdered with her husband Hugh McGeough (56) at Legahory Court in Craigavon on Monday.

Her nephew, Christopher Carlisle, was refused compassionate bail to go to the funeral service this weekend.

Carlisle (26), of Lakeview Court, Drumgor, Craigavon, faces charges of robbery, aggravated burglary and grievous bodily harm with intent. Police opposed his application on the basis of animosity between the two families.

A Crown lawyer said it was feared that his release could frustrate the investigation into the double murder.

He told the court that Mr McGeough had served a prison sentence in connection with a killing.

After his release from jail, |a member of the other family |had their home in Legahory |burnt-out, and they had to move to another part of Craigavon, said |the prosecution.

The barrister said: “Police believe the main aspect of the feud between these families concerns possession and supply of drugs.”

No suggestion was made that any members of the rival family were involved in the murders of Mr and Mrs McGeough.

But the Crown lawyer added: “Police believe if this applicant were to attend the funeral it could give rise to very serious public order issues for them.”

He claimed it could lead to a perceived “show of strength” at |the ceremony.

Defence counsel Richard McConkey argued the relationship between Carlisle and his aunt was close enough to warrant release.

He said: “The Crown have thrown in bad blood. But the Crown can't attribute this solely to this applicant.

“If police have concerns about the funeral these concerns are going to exist irrespective of the release of Christopher Carlisle.”

Refusing the application, the judge pointed to the fears over possible violence.

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