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Drug mule sues over his delayed deportation

A German man jailed over a major drugs smuggling plot has launched a legal challenge over being detained for up to five days after he was due to be deported.

Hans Ulrich Reuter had served a 10-year sentence for having more than 13kg of cocaine seized at Belfast International Airport in 2006.

The 65-year-old is expected to seek damages as part of his judicial review case for the failure to take him from Magilligan Prison to the airport on June 20 after a firm contracted by UK Borders Agency failed to turn up.

Reuter, who claims he was the victim of false imprisonment, was instead taken to a detention centre in Scotland. He was deported from London on June 25.

His barrister told the High Court: "This set of circumstances arose from what the respondent admits was a mistake on the part of the organisation contracted to carry out this practical function."

Mr Justice Treacy is expected to deliver his decision today.

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