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Drugged-up attacker jailed for five years over stabbing

A man who cannot remember unwittingly stabbing his ex-girlfriend's former partner six times in the back while high on prescription drugs and drink, has been sentenced to five years.

Belfast Recorder Judge Tom Burgess said a remorseful Gary Boyd (26) had admitted wounding his former girlfriend and her former partner in a vicious attack.

Belfast Crown Court was told that in the early hours of May 14 last year a drunken and drugged-up Boyd, from Ballyfore Gardens, Newtownabbey, went to a north Belfast flat where his ex-girlfriend was staying, armed with two six-inch kitchen knives.

They had parted on bad terms the previous week and he demanded to talk to her while making threats.

The girl's former partner attempted to intervene when Boyd swung at him with a knife. Boyd also cut his ex-girlfriend’s left wrist as she tried to block him. The men ended up scuffling on the ground where Boyd stabbed the other man in the back six times before fleeing. He was later arrested.

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