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‘Drugs smoked’ at home of baby murder accused

A brother and two friends of a man charged with murdering his baby son were smoking cannabis in his home the evening before the child was admitted to hospital, Belfast Crown Court has heard.

But the three men told the court that the accused, Ryan Leslie, didn't smoke the joint.

Leslie — who is 26 and from Ballyvesey Green, Newtownabbey — denies the murder of 14-week-old Cameron Leslie in 2008.

David Lorimer said Leslie's brother Darren and another friend, Samuel Robinson, joined him on a balcony to smoke the joint but the accused smoked an ordinary cigarette.

Darren Leslie told the jury that his brother claimed he had tried to kill himself several days earlier and asked him if he had seen a red mark around his neck.

A registrar at Antrim Area Hospital told the trial the baby was “grievously ill” when he was brought to the A&E on the morning of September 4, 2008.

Dr Andrew Dobbin said Cameron was having difficulty breathing and his father told him he had noticed problems throughout the night including vomiting and abnormal head movements. The doctor said he would have expected anyone who had seen the problems to have contacted the emergency services earlier.

“A delay in presentation can sometimes be indicative of non-accidental injury,” said Dr Dobbin.

A nurse, Sister Briege Conlon, told the court that a CT scan revealed bleeding in the baby's brain and bruises were found on Cameron's back. She said that social services were then called.

The case continues.

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