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Drunk drivers 'fell out of cars'

Some drunk drivers were so intoxicated they fell out of the car when stopped by police this winter, it has been revealed.

Some people were four times the legal limit, a state which makes it difficult to even walk never mind drive a car.

The number behind the wheel on alcohol has fallen slightly this winter, with snow and ice multiplying the risks.

A total of 222 drink-drivers were detected between November 26 and December 20, eight less than last year.

Head of roads policing Superintendent Muir Clark said: "I'm shocked and extremely disappointed that despite our warnings and the absolutely treacherous driving conditions we're experiencing at the moment with snow and ice on many roads, there are still people who completely disregard the safety of themselves and others by continuing this shameful and incredibly dangerous practice."

Two people were detected at four times the legal limit, and 20 people were three times the legal limit.

The officer said drivers detected with the highest alcohol readings have literally fallen out of their cars when stopped or been unable to stand at the roadside.

The youngest person detected was 16 and the oldest 73. The average age of people to fail the breath test is 34, and 197 men and 25 women were detected.

Mr Clark added: "Drinking and driving kills, maims and wrecks families. Police will not tolerate people who insist on driving after having taken drugs or drink. We are again appealing for all motorists to consider the consequences of their actions."


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