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Drunken teenager jailed over Woodvale/Twaddell Belfast rioting

Man drunk 40 bottles of cider before taking part in violence

By Ashleigh McDonald

A young man who claimed he barely remembers rioting after drinking 40 bottles of Magners Cider has been jailed.

Scott Cross was handed an 18-month sentence at Belfast Crown Court, with half to be served in custody.

The 19-year old, from Rutherglen Street in Belfast, admitted a charge of rioting in the north of the city last July 13.

Trouble flared in the Woodvale/Twaddell area following a Parades Commission ruling banning an Orange lodge from returning past the nationalist Ardoyne area.

Over 20 PSNI officers were injured after police lines were pelted with masonry, bricks and bottles.

Crown prosecutor Simon Jenkins told Judge Gordon Kerr QC that Cross was captured on CCTV in the area for around four hours, during which he threw a number of items at police. Mr Jenkins said: "On one occasion he can be seen to throw around 18 missiles out of his jacket pocket."

Cross was identified by police and arrested last September, and during interview he admitted he was the man in the footage rioting. He also told police he was "really drunk" and would not have behaved in the way he did if he'd been sober.

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