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Dublin Horse Show: Teen's borrowed jumper perfect fit for Sameh as it scales heights at RDS

By Joanne Sweeney

A Co Antrim teenager's horse has scaled the heights by winning the Land Rover Puissance at the prestigious Dublin Horse Show.

The horse managed to jump two metres, 20 centimetres in the show's most gripping annual event that sees the wall increase in height in an exciting knockout finish.

It was only the third wall jump that Chris Megahey's horse Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier has ever faced.

It was a bittersweet victory for the 17-year-old from Templepatrick, as the aspiring young show jumper was too young to ride his horse himself in Dublin.

Last night as he and his father went to Millstreet in Cork for yet another show jumping event, Chris said: "It was a bit crazy to see Cavalier jump the wall, as it was so high.

"I was standing directly in front of the jump and you couldn't see the horse before it actually landed over, but we knew he was jumping well and thought that he could go do it.

"It was the third time he has ever jumped the wall. He jumped 1.85m with me on his first wall and 2.05m the second time."

Despite being disappointed that he could not jump Cavalier himself at the show, Chris and his father Britt, who owns the horse, responded to a call for help from another show jumper, Egypt's Sameh El Dahan.

"We are good friends with Sameh and once we saw on a Facebook post that he needed a horse we were happy to let him ride Cavalier," Chris said.

Sameh was the only competitor who successfully completed all five rounds of the Puissance.

The victory meant a €12,400 prize purse for the Templepatrick-based Glenpatrick Sport Horses owned by the Megahey family.

Britt is a father-of-four - all of whom are involved in show jumping or eventing - Ian (22), Harold (20), Susie (19) and Chris. He said: "The atmosphere in the main arena on Saturday evening was electric, it was a joy to see Sameh making that jump on Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier and we were very proud to be a part of the international programme at the RDS.

"Cavalier, or as we know him, Socks, due to his four white feet, was actually Harold's horse first before Chris, and they did very well at eventing.

"Because he has done so well now, we would hope that Chris will ride him himself in next year's Dublin Horse Show when he turns 18."

Chris, a former pupil of Campbell College, has his heart set on becoming an international show jumper and running a competition yard.

He has won several competitions in Europe, and won the Emerald International Puissance on Cavalier last year.

"I want to make show jumping my career which is why I left school so early. I just couldn't really see myself going further and I wanted to be doing events," said Chris.

"I hope to be at the Dublin Horse Show once I turn 18 either on him or not. What I need would be for other owners to consider me to ride their horses, as that would make a real difference to my career."

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