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Dublin mayor denies 'stitch-up' over Geldof

By Staff Reporter

Bob Geldof has expressed fury after being removed from the list of people who hold the Freedom of Dublin.

Last month, the rock star turned humanitarian handed back the freedom scroll of his native city in protest at the inclusion of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi on the honour list.

His action was to highlight the genocide against the country's Rohingya Muslim population, which Ms Suu Kyi, once thought to be an advocate for human rights, has done nothing to stop. At the time he said the freedom of the city meant a lot to him and he hoped a way could be found to remove Ms Suu Kyi, so that he could remain on the list.

But on Wednesday night, Dublin City Council voted to remove the Myanmar leader from the list of people with freedom of the city, and to also remove Geldoft.

Councillor Mannix Flynn said the singer was furious with how the Sinn Féin-dominated council had dealt with the matter. In a statement to RTÉ, Geldof said he was "absolutely disgusted".

Dublin Lord Mayor Micheál Mac Donncha said the allegation it was a Sinn Féin stitch-up was "nonsense", adding: "We simply confirmed what Bob Geldof himself had done."

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