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Dumped in skip at Dungannon cemetery, little puppy Fluff adopted by his rescuers

By Adrian Rutherford

A puppy who was found dumped in a graveyard skip has been given a new home.

Fluff, who is thought to be just six weeks old, was discovered shivering, cold and starving amongst rubbish at a cemetery in Dungannon.

He was found by Daniel Grimley while he was visiting his father's grave on Thursday. Daniel and his fiancee Laura Kane have now adopted him.

"I was visiting my father's grave and was at the skip when I saw something move," Daniel told the Belfast Telegraph. "It actually scared me at the start.

"I pushed the rubbish away, and there was a wee pup inside. He was looking up at me - he was tiny.

"I took him home with me. I couldn't have left him. We've decided to keep him."

A vet estimated Fluff was about five or six weeks old. He was left in a skip at Carland Road Cemetery.

There are fears he could be one of a litter abandoned in local cemeteries. The Tyrone Courier reported that a second pup, a collie mix similar to Fluff, was found in a Donaghmore graveyard on Thursday.

Laura said: "When we saw the look on his face we had to take him home. He's a lovely wee thing and very friendly. It's hard to believe someone was capable of doing this."

Daniel said he had no doubt that Fluff was deliberately abandoned in the skip.

He also called the person responsible "a disgrace".

"He's tiny and he wouldn't be the best of walkers, so there is no way he jumped into the skip," he said.

"He can't jump on to our couch, so he was definitely thrown into the skip.

"I don't know how anybody could do it."

After bringing Fluff home Daniel and Laura have been feeding him and helping the pup back to full health.

"He was shivering with cold," Daniel said. "We brought him home and gave him food and water. He couldn't drink the water quickly enough.

"He's still a bit scared. We keep him in the house at night, but he's getting there.

"We took him to the vet for his injection, and we've been giving him food." Daniel and Laura, who are due to get married on May 19, said Fluff would be part of their new life together.

"He'll be well looked after here," added Daniel.

Last December a starving dog and her six puppies were found dumped in a wheelie bin in Strabane just days before Christmas.

Dusty, as she was named by rescuers, and her new-born pups were found abandoned at the Greenbrae Travellers' site.

Left alone to give birth, the Collie dog suffered severe internal bleeding and had fluid on her lungs. Sadly, she passed away just hours after being rescued.

And despite the valiant efforts of volunteers, only two of the litter survived.

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