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Dumped puppies thriving and in search of homes in Northern Ireland

By Claire Williamson

They were abandoned at just 13 days old - but look at them now.

These cute little pups didn't have the best start in life as they were dumped in a box and left on a doorstep.

A hairdressing salon in Lurgan got quite a surprise when a staff member found the blue box containing six little bundles of fur.

They were taken to Almost Home Animal Rescue to be looked after but sadly one of the pups didn't make it.

The animal charity took care of the pups, who at the time of being found had only just started opening their eyes.

But now the time has come to begin the search for their forever homes for Kuma (bear) Mitsu (light) and Kin (golden), as well as the two girls Hana (blossom) and Hoshi, meaning 'star'. They are nearly eight weeks old and although the charity are unsure of the breed they don't think the pooches will become large in size.

However, they will not be re-homed with children under the age of eight.

When the puppies were found the animal charity issued an appeal for anyone who has information about their mum to come forward, confidentially if preferred.

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