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Dundonald celebrates Fair Trade

By Nicci Gregg

Pupils at Dundonald Primary School welcomed a special visitor from Uganda last Friday as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

Hella Alikuru, an advisor to Fairtrade workers in Uganda, visited the school in an effort to teach the children and their parents about fair trade products.

Primary six teacher Mr Fulton and Gillian Graham, Fairtrade co-ordinator for Dundonald, organised the visit to highlight the importance of buying fair trade products.

Parents were served a range of fair trade snacks, with the tea and coffee provided by Fairtrade Mark Ireland.

And they were also able to purchase many Fair Trade products.

The theme of this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight was Make the Swap, encouraging everyone to swap one of their usual daily purchases to a fair trade one.

And the event also included a poster competition for pupils.

Speaking to The CT Mr Fulton said: “This is the second year we have taught primary six pupils about the topic of fair trade and it has been very successful.

“The children have listened very well.”

Visitor Hella Alikuru said: “It is important for the children to learn about fair trade so they can influence their parents to buy more products.

“They can also learn about children the same age as them who have less opportunities.

“Fair Trade money gives these children access to schools. Most importantly I am here to make sure the children know that by buying fair trade products they will be helping others.”

Dundonald achieved Fairtrade Village status in December 2008, the first village in Northern Ireland to do so.

This title means that fair trade products are readily available in the majority of cafes and shops in the area.

Gillian Graham added: “It was wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic and it was all part of Dundonald's ongoing campaign to retain its Fairtrade status.”

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