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Dungannon 'Las Vegas of Tyrone' due to arcades

A town has been dubbed the "Las Vegas of Tyrone" after plans for an amusement arcade were granted next to several other similar facilities.

The latest gambling shop in Dungannon is located next to the Southern Area Hospice, which expressed concerns over the noise impact, parking issues and road safety.

Irish Street in the town is already home to several other amusement arcades.

The latest approval has also attracted criticism from residents, who said it would have a "negative impact on the streetscape and land use of the street".

Ulster Unionist councillor Walter Cuddy said that not enough consultation was carried out with locals.

"This has attracted a lot of conflict and I personally wouldn't want to see this coming in to the town," he said.

"We are turning the town in the Las Vegas of Tyrone - is this the direction we want to go?

"We need to have a mature debate about the number and quantity of these machines.

"I'm hearing from residents that there are far too many."

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