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Dungannon man accused of petrol bomb attack on home with kids refused bail


Bail was denied (stock photo)

Bail was denied (stock photo)

Bail was denied (stock photo)

A 34-year-old man allegedly involved in a petrol bomb attack on a Co Tyrone home while children were inside must remain in custody, a High Court judge has ruled.

Colm Murray was refused bail amid claims he accompanied a youth who threw a device into the house as the family were packing to leave.

Prosecutors contended that one of those who targeted the property at Killymaddy Hill in Dungannon said: "F*** it, lets kill the kids."

Murray, of Windmill Court in the town, denies charges of arson and possessing a petrol bomb in suspicious circumstances over incidents on February 9.

He is also accused of threats to kill and damage property, having an offensive weapon - namely a screwdriver - criminal damage to a car, and assault on police.

It was alleged that threats were issued to a woman during a first visit to the house.

Hours later, according to the prosecution, Murray returned with a 15-year-old youth.

Comments about burning the property down were said to have been made at this stage, the court heard.

A window was smashed and a petrol bomb thrown into the hallway. Items were set alight but subsequently extinguished.

Defence counsel stressed Murray denies making any threats to burn the occupants out.

He argued that the only person allegedly identified throwing a petrol bomb was the teenage co-accused.

But Mr Justice O'Hara cited the allegations that Murray was present when the first threats were made, and then returned while the family were getting ready to leave.

"Even more seriously, knowing there were children in the house, a petrol bomb was thrown into it," he said.

"There would have to be extraordinary circumstances for Mr Murray to be granted bail. None exists, and bail is refused."

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