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Dungoyne Ladies on look-out for new football recruits

by Niamh Agnew

Girls just wanna’ have fun — as proved by Dungoyne Ladies‘ Football team which has been running now for four years.

Dungoyne football team was set up in 1977 but the ladies team came about when a mother approached a member with the idea of starting up a women’s side.

Mandy Waring, who takes the lead in many aspects of the ladies team as manager, coach and kit washer, became interested in the suggestion as her father was a founder of Dungoyne FC.

The football team have received help from sources throughout the community and obtained funding from Castlereagh Borough Council.

In addition to Mandy, Dungoyne Ladies have two other managers, Gordon Jackson and Hubert Johnson.

The decision to have three is an advantage for the team and the coaching and managerial panel.

When decisions are being made it ensures a fair outcome as it will have been discussed and seen from different points of view .

A new team captain is picked each year and the captaincy will depend on the player with the overall best performance throughout the year.

This gives all members of the team an opportunity to hold the title.

The ages of the ladies range from 14-22 years.

Dungoyne ladies are involved in cross community activities which give team members a chance to play in different areas and meet people from different cultures.

A cross community football match is planned with team from County Mayo.

This event will be held at the Billy Neill Centre of Excellence in Dundonald.

The ladies are also arranging a recruitment day for anyone interested.

This will provide an opportunity for girls, aged 13 and over, to try out for the team.

The event will be held at the Brooklands pitches in Ballybeen, Dundonald.

Dungoyne Ladies, who nowcompete in the NIWFA League, Division Two, are looking forward to the new season which resumes in April.

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