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Dunmurry Manor battle is heading to Stormont

Dunmurry Manor

The families of Dunmurry Manor residents are ready to take their fight for aged care reform to Stormont, an advocate says.

The final report into the heavily criticised care home was handed down by Northern Ireland's Commissioner for Older People a fortnight ago.

It found systemic failures had allowed "inhuman and degrading treatment", with some residents going days at a time without their medication and others being over-prescribed.

Belfast SDLP councillor Brian Heading, whose constituents had loved ones in the home, said: "The final report is a landmark for them, it brings a little bit of closure to it but it opens up the next stage.

"The people who I have worked with are more than ready and more than capable to hold civil servants and to hold MLAs to accountability to make sure that they deliver on the 59 recommendations."

Asked if Dunmurry Manor was now up to standard, Commissioner Eddie Lynch said he understood "improvements have been made fairly quickly".

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