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Dunmurry Manor: My resignation was not linked to scandal, says managing director

By David Young

The former managing director of Runwood Homes UK last night said his resignation had nothing to do with the firm's failings at Dunmurry Manor.

Logan Logeswaran (55) said he felt "let down and betrayed" after the company issued a statement linking his resignation to the troubled Dunmurry operation.

After the publication of the damning report by the Commissioner for Older People, Runwood chief executive officer Gordon Sanders said: "The board of directors acknowledge and take full responsibility for these failures and the lack of oversight that could have ensured they did not happen.

"The managing director, Logan Logeswaran, has in fact resigned his position from Runwood Homes Group UK as of yesterday."

But last night Mr Logeswaran contacted the Belfast Telegraph to dispute the Runwood Homes statement, saying he had tendered his resignation and would be leaving on June 25.

"I have been in the sector for 35 years and I have been with Runwood for 16 years, with very excellent relationships with all the stakeholders in Northern Ireland - RQIA, NHS Trust, everybody.

"My decision to leave was not made in relation to this report, because I was not directly in charge of the failings at Dunmurry.

"I am devastated. I don't want to retire after 35 years service with this kind of bad news."

He said he felt betrayed over how the Dunmurry Manor report had been linked to his resignation.

"I spoke to CEO Gordon Sanders. He totally denied that he made that comment," he added.

"I am at a total loss.

"I feel like I am sinking in the middle of the sea.

"After 16 years service, you don't feel that you deserve this."

Mr Logeswaran's position has received support from Runwood's finance director Martin Cooper.

Speaking to Care Home Professional online magazine yesterday, Mr Cooper said: "I can assure you Logan has left for his own personal reasons and he has left on completely good terms with us. We wish him the best going forward."

The magazine also quoted a statement which Mr Logeswaran had issued earlier this week about his resignation.

"Runwood stands in a good place to continue with its success and I have every faith in the company that it will continue in this way," Mr Logeswaran had said.

"I take this opportunity to thank every one of you for the support you have given me in my role as managing director of Runwood Homes.

"I wish to see Runwood continue to achieve further success and your continued support and recognition is paramount for the company in providing compassionate and outstanding care for the residents.

I am proud and privileged to have worked with all of you, and wish you all the best for the future."

Mr Logeswaran now plans to take a break for a month or two and then start work with young people who have mental health issues.

"That is my passion," he said.

"Before I end my career, I want to go into a charity where I can help look after the mental health needs of children."

When asked to comment on Mr Logeswaran's criticism Runwood Homes said: "Mr Logeswaran resigned on the eve of the publication of this report.

"We will be making no further comment."

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