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DUP Brexit summit: Serious business to be discussed, says Sammy Wilson

Stormont Assembly members and MPs from the DUP are meeting in Portadown in Co Armagh to discuss the Brexit negotiations.

Ahead of the gathering, the party's Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson said Prime Minister Theresa May had repeatedly declared herself to be a unionist.

He warned: "She know the consequences if she walks away from that promise, not just for Northern Ireland, because of course she will open a Pandora's box in Scotland as well.

"I am sure the Prime Minister is well aware of the grave responsibility which lies on her shoulders."

He added: "We are simply reminding her, you are being torn at the moment between what we believe are your gut instincts and your sound principles on the union and at the same time the bullying, threatening behaviour of the EU.

"Go with your principles, go with your instinct, go with your responsibility to the people of the UK and show the EU negotiators the door."

DUP leader Arlene Foster, her deputy Nigel Dodds and other senior party members gathered for the meeting in Mid Ulster.

Mr Wilson added: "We are serious about ensuring that the unionist people of Northern Ireland are not in any way going to be affected by the narrow vision that the EU negotiators have in protecting their European project at the expense of the unity of the UK."

He said Friday's party meeting involved "serious business".

"The serious business is how we get through these current negotiations, live up to our promises to be a unionist party and protect the union."

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