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DUP calls on Sinn Fein leadership to clarify stance on prosecutions linked to Disappeared

A DUP MLA has called on the Sinn Fein leadership to clarify if they would support the prosecution of those responsible for the murders of the disappeared.

Mervyn Storey, who represents North Antrim, made the call after expressing his support for the McVeigh family as the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims' Remains (ICLVR) continues its search for the body of Columba McVeigh in County Monagahan.

During the Troubles 16 people were believed to have been abducted, murdered and secretly buried.

Three of the 16 classified as the disappeared remain missing.

They are Mr McVeigh as well as former monk Joe Lynskey and soldier Robert Nairac.

Mr Storey said: "As the search continues for Columba McVeigh, Sinn Fein will appeal for information but offer nothing by way of acknowledgement or apology for the fact the organisation they defend and justify carried out such despicable actions and covered it up for so long.

He added: "The current Sinn Fein leadership spends every other weekend eulogising PIRA members.

"People have a right to remember their dead but the act of the disappeared is an uncomfortable reminder for Sinn Fein that the PIRA they defend, was involved in heinous acts which would be war crimes if the Troubles had really been the 'war' Sinn Fein claim it was.

"Would Mary-Lou McDonald or Michelle O’Neill support the prosecution of the murderers who hid those sixteen bodies?"

A spokesperson for Sinn Fein told the Belfast Telegraph the party has consistently called for anyone who has information which may help to locate the remains of the disappeared to bring that forward to ICLVR immediately.

“The best way to help families of victims of the conflict to access truth and justice is end the delays and immediately the implement the Legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House and provide the Lord Chief Justice with the funding he has requested to hold inquests," the spokesperson added.

“Lord Justice Girvan ruled in March of this year that Mervyn Storey’s party leader Arlene Foster acted unlawfully in blocking funding for the Lord Chief Justice’s plan.

“Mervyn Storey’s silence on her attempt to thwart families who lost loved ones getting the truth has been deafening.”

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